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Sport is a mutual passion that connects us - especially lifting heavy weights.

Michael is a professional powerlifter for about 10 years and loves to lift and carry objects and persons including concrete cases, wood logs, heavy barbells or humans. He is also the founder and organizer of Schwelle7 Wien and spends time with alternative life concepts, the chemical foundations of love and how to improve fitness levels and the willingness to perform.

Moni has a mixed martial arts background but recently fell in love with powerlifting and lifts and pulls humans and objects two to three times her bodyweight since then.

Because the knowledge and power to lift and carry objects is not only fun but also advantageous in erotic means, we decided to share our experiences with others by holding a workshop about that.




Lift & Carry

The spine is our central construction element which basically carries our whole bodyweight and equally distributing it on both legs. Therefore and combined with a more or less developed musculature it is capable to resist extremely high physical exposures if loaded properly.

Many people are afraid to lift heavy in the gym because of potential injuries. In reality most people with back problems are the ones which don’t participate in any sports and also herniated discs are usually a consequence of accidents in the home rather than from heavy workouts.

In this workshop we will discuss a little bit the anatomy of the spine, proper exposure to weights and how to lift everyday objects and humans are among of these. Since our early childhood we are lifted and carried around and usually associate this with a feeling of security and confidence. As we becoming a teenager or in adulthood usually only the females of our species are carried around; a fact maybe caused by strong traditional role models.

In general or because of this in can be a good feeling for all genders to be carried on hands or to carry the partner around (or using him or her as an exercise tool). But lift & carry can also have an erotic component and potentially lead to elevated levels of lust – alone or in combination with other elements.

This workshop is basically suited for everyone who meets the general requirements for physical activity. For all those who do not falls in this category because of fear, illnesses or other reasons it is still possible.