Dr. Lucas Pawlik


His Workshop:

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Dr. Lucas Pawlik is essentially four people:

    • He is a university lecturer for “PROvocative Pedagogy”, teaching pedagogues of all fields of education. Based on concepts of „Biology of Love“ and „Learning as exploration“ he helps gain a new understanding of learning and dealing with conflicts in their sphere of work.
    • He is a Taiji and meditation teacher who is interested in the relationship between movement, perception, cognition, and emotion: www.regenerationlounge.com
    • He is a philosopher who, inspired by his collaboration with Heinz von Foerster, designed a systemic and recursive style of thinking based on which he offers Philosophic Counseling for individual clients and organizations, solving personal and organizational problems that can't be solved by traditional thinking.
    • He is a writer who is interested in the fucking relationship between digital media, modern art forms, science and literature: www.fuckyoufairytales.com



Courage for Tenderness!?

Love and Playfulness: The Forgotten Fundamentals of Being Human

Love, tenderness, and trust are main values in the existence of every human being. They are the foundation for our relationships and our society. How can we observe and foster these values in our daily life? How can we stop making excuses for not living them?

Based on the neurobiology of love, these issues were taught and explored for more than seven years at Danube University in a Provocative Pedagogy program. The results and methods of this learning process can now be experienced for the first time via stories and playful experiments.

The goal of this workshop is to understand and share love, tenderness, and trust in a playful manner, which we can bring into our everyday contexts.