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DovKuma is a NYC based artist, photographer, sculptor, educator; Japanese rope bondage and single tail whip fanatic, computer geek and just has way too many hobbies. He has been in the NYC scene since 1993.

He has been involved for years both politically and artistically, creating works at Burning Man and other venues and is one of the the Two founders of Shibaricon rope event. His work varies from installations to performance art, both vanilla and fetish. His work was featured at Diesel Denim Gallery in SoHo NYC, where he created a Shibari rope window to highlight a photo series of their jeans by Japanese erotic photographer Araki.

As an international educator he has given numerous presentations and classes on everything from rope bondage and Japanese rope bondage to canes and whips.

As a Top/Dom and equal opportunity sadist, his areas of interest in BDSM and fetish and kink in general are a bit broad and include, but are not limited to: flogging, single tails, rope corsets and rope bondage in both Western and Japanese Styles, pony play, objectification, humiliation, knives, fire play, impact play (punching slapping etc.), pressure points, breath play, water sports. And that’s just the short list. He’s been tying things up since he was 5 and just keeps buying more rope for nefarious purposes to feed his passion for rope bondage.




Predicament Bondage

DovWS 8219A situation, especially an unpleasant, troublesome, difficult, perplexing, dangerous or trying one, from which extrication is difficult. See Usage Note at dilemma.

Predicament Bondage is any situation in which movement, action or inaction will result in some form of accident or breaking of a set condition that can lead to painful or embarrassing consequences. The situation can be physical, mental or any combination.

This class is an exploration of the systems you can build through simple elements to enhance and expand your bondage fun.




Basic and complex hogties. Working with western and Japanese style hogties and how to extend and adapt them. Learn how to make them more effective and work with the subject’s flexibility or inflexibility.

Requisite Skills: how to tie knots and basic hogtie

Level: Intermediate Presentation - Type: Hands-On

* Class materials:  Minimum 6 ropes - Length=30 foot - Diameter=6 mm



Knives and Pointy Things

DovWS 5944Knives and other sharp objects elicit a primitive and visceral reaction in people ranging from fear to adoration. They can be used to cut, scratch, prod, manipulate, mindfuck or any combination you can think of. This is a class on how to work safely and understand sharp objects and how they can be used in a scene.



Mindfucks: Let them do the work for you

Sit back and watch as that little self reinforcing voice in the back of your bottoms/subject/victims head spins and spins building a teetering tower on top of whatever small mind worm you inserted in their head. A Mindfuck is any situation that creates a disorienting note of uncertainty in your subjects mind or plays on any fears real or imagined or both that you can elicit through any physical or mental means, The goal is to create an altered reality for the subject in which they are their own worst enemy

This is a discussion Demo of various strategies and scenarios that can produce hours and days and even months of fun and terror.