Robert K.

Robert K.

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Robert K. Physiotherapist

20 years of working and teaching as physiotherapist with a focus on tension- and stress-related conditions and special knowledge on the links between breath and body-movement. Skilled mechanic for the human body with a hands-on approach. Retired professional diver and acting training instructor for various rescue organizations. Passionate free-diver, yoga-practitioner, lover of breathplay - with self and others.



After Breath (The Last Breath)

RobertWS-atmen2What happens when breath leaves our body?

This workshop is about the moment right after it does. Hundreds of moments between breathing out and the ever-increasing urge to breathe back in again. Experience the inner strenght and calm that fills you, when there is no need to breathe. Yet. Soon after, we will consciously go through our most basic instinct, the need to fill our lungs with oxygen. We will witness the fear that fills us, when we don't follow that instinct as usual. We will explore our fear and research strategies to accept it and calm ourselves down - we will bend time as we follow our will instead of our instinct. We will rejoice when we claw back to life, by taking that. single. breath. A borderline-experience as we test the limits within ourselbes.

To participate, please dress comfortably for sitting and lying positions and abstain from restrictive clothing or jewellery. Your tool will be your own body. Later in the workshop, consenting people will have the possibility to work with each other.







Travel the Skin


A sensual journey through the trigger points of our bodies.

Our nervous system is found right below our skin and it offers a multitude of possibilities for pleasure and pain alike. Infinitely adjustable - according to our intentions – these can range from tender to brutal; from soothing to energizing. This hands-on workshop (pun intended) speaks to those who want to delve into the fascinating world of skin, flesh and texture.


   * The nervous system: A touch-sensitive mood-switch

   * Pressure and strain: From relaxing to torturous

   * Pain points: The wow-effect without additional instrument

   * Handle with care: The different limits of different body parts

   * First help for frantic brains or bodies

Work will be done on naked skin, clothes will be shed accordingly.









Photos: © Mika Wißkirchen