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Ruby May is an edge-dwelling, truth-seeking creative visionary, whose passion lies in exploring the creation of transformative & magical spaces through play. British, but Berlin-based, Ruby’s background has included burlesque and fetish costume design, working as an Sexological Bodyworker, a Tantric Domina, an intimacy coach and workshop facilitator.
She is the co-founder of the Sacred Kink Academy, which teaches the potential in sacred kink for personal and spiritual growth, and has facilitated workshops in various European cities and festivals, weaving together the themes of consciousness, sexuality and shadow healing, supporting people to own every aspect of who they are, in order to create more intimacy, fulfillment, freedom and joy in their lives.




Tuning In :: Truth or Dare

What is intimacy? The act of sexual penetration can be devoid of intimacy. A glance between two strangers can be deliciously replete with it. Rather than intimacy being contingent on close physical contact, like often supposed, intimacy is nothing other than taking off our masks and being real with one another. Intimacy dwells in moments of truth. It is both our greatest fear, and our deepest longing.

When it comes to play – any kind of play - it is the spark that creates magic. It is what divides lackluster play that remains in the groove of habitual patterns, and play that is bright and alive and dynamic, that touches our core and expands us.

Intimacy requires being awake enough to see the truth of what’s really there, and having the courage to own it.

What happens when a group of strangers come together to play a game of Truth or Dare? I have no idea. So let’s find out!

Part 1 of this workshop will be structured: simple and playful exercises designed to create safety and to support us in connecting to ourselves and each other. Tuning into ourselves in each moment as we meet others, exploring the reactions and impulses they inspire in us, and delving into the power that comes from the vulnerability of opening.

The second part is unstructured, and the grand game of Truth or Dare begins! What do you dare to reveal about yourself and what is censored or taboo? What space opens up between two strangers when they allow an unfolding of truth, whether through words or through play? What is it that you secretly wish to share or show or do, and hope someone dares you to? Where does the impulse come from, when you offer a dare? Can you feel your inner sadist, or the benevolent fairy godmother? Do you dare to dare someone what it is that you actually desire? Where are your boundaries? Are they serving you or limiting you?

This workshop is open to everyone. Each participant is invited to work with the principle of self-responsibility: honouring their own boundaries and well-being, and shamelessly following their desires, in order to make the workshop as safe, as juicy, as valuable and expansive as possible!