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Caritia is a wildly exotic, London born BDSM coach of Caribbean descent who has been an active member of the Fetish, Kink, BDSM and alternative community for over 15 years.

The commencement of Licentious Behaviour has been 18 months in it's incubation, conceived from a love of rope, bdsm and collaboration, Caritia and Steven have been honing their skills, knowledge and passion to bring this idea into being.

Married to Steven and an active lifestyle Dominant Caritia is a strong advocate of self-empowerment for all, with a strong emphasis on female empowerment and dominance. Now based in Berlin, she takes great pleasure in guiding others to discover themselves through the techniques, tools and fun exploration of bdsm. Caritia is a keen photographer focusing on themes of fetish, kink and connection. Trusting her intuition, vulnerability and conscious presence, (a constant work in progress, humour as a guide)

Caritia walks strong and content on her chosen path, with her partner in crime.

Caritia assists at Schwelle 7 Berlin - a unique space, as well as organising her own workshops and sessions.

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Caritia-WSFacesitting, also known as queening, is a sexual practice in which one partner sits on or over the other's face, typically to allow or force oral genital or oral anal contact. Within a BDSM or D/S context, facesitting can be an especially intense form of erotic humiliation (Wikipedia).

In this workshop I want to explore feminine power, sensuality and sexuality of queening. This intimate act can be both sensual and erotic – a moment shared between lovers. Or rough and forced when taken from a more BDSM perspective, plus all the colours in between. In this space I want to take the time to explore the different dynamics of the act of queening. Encouraging the leading participants to find her personal path of pleasure.

This workshop will be presented English, practical and interactive. Queens/face sitters must be female. Bottoms, subs, partners maybe of any gender or sexual orientation. Be open and ready to explore the female energy.

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Caritia-WS pinkshirtThe erotic touch of humiliation treads a fine line, influenced by societies norms, religions of all persuasions, as well as one persons poison, becoming another ones elixir of life. The border between power, desire, hurt, rejection, pleasure and pain is like balancing a pin on a strand of hair. Varying in so many degrees, interactions, and interlaced with emotions. the Interdependency between humiliation and empowerment, ego and humility, freedom of expression and honest, is on a scale not easily measured. What makes our faces red, our pants wet and/or has us trembling at the knees.

In this workshop we will use the approach of games, discussion and the mind to see what creative forms this word/concept can take and where the possibilities lie.

What is humiliation?

1. an act or instance of humiliating or being humiliated
2. the state or feeling of being humiliated; mortification to lower or hurt the dignity or pride of...

This workshop will be presented in English. All are welcome.