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We are a couple since our basic studies and inseparable since then. This was exactly eight years ago and our luck didn’t change over the years, it just got bigger. After a marriage, crisis, obstacles, several adventures like a journey around the world and numerous funny experiences which cannot be captured with the camera, it would be inappropriate to call our relationship a classic one. It is rather a deep attachment including an open minded sexuality characterized by periodical swinger club visits, private events as well as the acceptance of various play partners and a mutual girlfriend since about one year.

Friends either call us the crazy couple or “the crazy Austrians”. We have found a form of romantic relationship which enables us on the one hand to develop personally and enjoy mutual attachment on the other hand.

„A life less ordinary“ is not only a movie title but also our mutual recipe for success. We love to share our experiences and point of views about “love, jealousy and sexual adventures” with others so that they inspire them to find their own way, which lies often off the beaten track…





Michael-JinyWSLike the most monkeys still do it today, also did our ancestors give preference to promiscuity for a long time, whereas monogamy is a rather new phenomenon in the history of mankind and can be considered as an adaption to evolutionary and social changes.

Dreams of casual sex, a new sexual adventure or intercourse with a group of people is hence nothing unusual or obscene. Sexual intercourse is probably the most beautiful way of communication among adults, is fun and doesn’t require taboos or has to meet any moral values.

Since the 60ies exists a trend called swinging which means to have sexual adventures in mutual agreement with the partner in life, whereas the most sexual debaucheries in earlier times and still often today take place secretly.

In this workshop we will focus on all issues which are necessary for an appreciative and low-conflict swinging: preparation (physical and emotional), strategy (place and realization), communication (internal and external) and practice (fun for two, threesomes, foursomes, group sex and orgy).

After a fundamental introduction to this topic, we will enact several typical scenarios in a classic swinger club. Thereby we will especially deal with verbal and nonverbal communication, success strategies as well as general and individual rules.

This workshop is suitable for couples, singles and all other who are curious. It is focused on the theoretical aspects without the necessity for sexual interaction of its participants which doesn’t mean, that it cannot happen.

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