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Atma Pöschl works as a bodywork therapist in Vienna. She is educated in intimate therapist-massage, process-oriented bodywork and integrative body-psychotherapy, trained at UC Los Angeles. In her work she accompanies the connoisseur, but also especially people with exposure to violence and without experiences with touching, on their way to a sexuality that is satisfying on all levels.

Atmas special interest as a bodywork therapist focuses on dealing with strong emotions. In this, she is neither interested in BDSM as an identity, nor as a mask to hide behind. She comprehends BDSM as on out of many ways of a deep touch and encounter. Differentiating between holy/dark sex in her opinion is unnecessary and destructive: “holy” is rooted in “hole” in a sense of “complete”; light and shadow, wave crest - wave trough and all of the nuances of the colorful range of emotions. This honest contact (with ourselves) means being alive and growth, also in our sexuality.

Atma leads the open group “BDSM / Holy Sexuality” in Vienna. She also facilitates courses and coachings internationally. Her seminars as well as individual-work are lessons, in which the body can be experienced as a door to lust, self awareness, and stillness.




Nazi Fetish - Playing with TraumaAtmaWS-Foto 1

Several generations after the war, a lot of us are likely to be children, grandchildren, or otherwise related to human beings who were involved in the mindset of WW2. Who could not, or would not prevent the holocaust. As heirs to our own history, inside of us we may find a potential perpetrator, we may find a potential victim. Some of us love to play consciously with this dynamic.

Nearly every european family is still at some level intertwined with the subject, has a family member or memory connected with perpetrator-victims dynamics around WW2. Are their ways to handle our past? What are they? We shall address National Socialism and the people who participated in this movement. Ask questions without answering all of them all at once. Discuss and look inside ourselves.

Please don't participate if your world is already split into "good" and "evil", open mind is required. You are most welcome if you are ready to get down and dirty with your own feelings and yourself - your motives may vary from wanting to experience a different kind of self-perception to wanting to heal own family history. Healing in this context means: Being at one with ourselves and our feelings. A workshop for people who seek emotional contact with themselves in the context of social and cultural trauma.

more at: nazi-fetish.html